What is Your Friend Community?

“Your Friend Community” is a dedicated safe place on the internet for individuals seeking support, strength and courage to achieve their best selves.

Do I have to be a certain age to join Your Friend Community?

Nope, anyone is free to join. However, be vigilant in protecting your identity regardless of your age. For anyone under 18, I recommend keeping it on the hush hush when you're on the discord. We release any liability when it comes to

Why should I use your services?

I offer my services to supplement individuals that are looking for additional help outside of their current relationships with their friends and family - just in case you need it!

Why are you currently anonymous?

I have one mission and that is to help people, so it’s important that I can be as honest and transparent as possible in order to stay true to who I am and what happened to me. I want to share without inhibition in the hopes that it helps anyone out there and at the end of the day - that’s what’s important to me.

Are you a therapist?

No, I am not a medically trained professional and I do not claim to specialize in the mental health industry, however, I’ve been able to help and support many of those around me that have been struggling in similar situations.

Do you offer time slots that are not available on the calendar?

I do, it’s an offline manual process regarding payment, but we can definitely schedule something that is not currently on the calendar. Please reach out to me so we can figure that out together. :)

I do not have a debit or a credit card, do you offer alternative payment forms?

Absolutely, I can take zelle and venmo. Just contact me so we can get that set up.

Don’t see an answer to a question that you have?

Not a problem.

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